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Guiding Teaching + Learning Priorities Identified
Month Planning Process
Stakeholder Engagement Sessions

Learn more about the Blueprint 220 Master Plan. After an 18-month process — including key stakeholders from Barrington 220, the Barrington student body, and the community — facilitated by partners from DLR Group and Pepper Construction, the Barrington 220 Board of Education has adopted a final, long-term master plan that will help further propel Barrington 220 into a 21st-century model of education.


The Board of Education is in the process of developing an implementation strategy for the master plan. In October and November 2018 the Board is seeking community feedback about the master plan through a Referendum Advisory Committee, phone survey and online survey. This feedback will held the Board determine which parts of the master plan should be included in a potential referendum question on the April 2, 2019 ballot. Please stay tuned to the district’s Blueprint220 page for updates.


Guiding the master plan process were two sets of priorities: Teaching & Learning, and Safety & Security. Each category was explored during the planning process to ensure that the final master plan meets the needs of Barrington 220 in a holistic way.


Learn more about the road to the master plan. Guided by DLR Group project partners, key stakeholders from Barrington 220 went through an iterative process to analyze needs, collaborate to generate ideas and gather feedback. From there, that feedback became conceptualizations of potential solutions for the district (the “Level Diagrams”), and these concepts and findings were shared with the community in a series of community meetings and forums.