Barrington High School Master Plan

*Note: This is a master list of needs for BHS over the next 20 years. It is not expected that all of these needs will be met in the near future. The Board is currently seeking community feedback to determine which of these needs should be included on a potential referendum question on April 2, 2019.

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Barrington High School was originally built in 1949 on a 72-acre site, with eight additions and renovations completed since. The school’s gross square footage is 529,700 square feet with an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students. The high school has access to an 11-acre property owned by the district on Hart Road.

Square Feet of Demolition
Square Feet of Renovation
Square Feet of Additions

Identified Needs

With OME (Order Of Magnitude Cost Estimate)

Building Needs





Demolish Maintenance + Grounds Building

Academic Atrium


Demolish Center Core of Building
Create New Academic Atrium



Fine Arts Center Addition
Front Entry + Atrium Addition
PE + Wellness Addition
PE Support Addition
Student Entry Addition
Athletics Entry Addition
Fitness Addition



Existing Auditorium Renovation
Future-Ready Classroom Renovations
21st Century Library Renovation
Student Services Renovation
Locker Room Renovations

Site Needs

Site Circulation + Parking


Add Parking for Lacrosse/Soccer Field Across Hart Road
Add Baseball Parking Across Hart Road
Create Crossing Zones on Hart Road
Reconfigure Site Parking + Access
Improve Vehicle Circulation Through Site
Relocate Loading Dock Access Road
Parking Garage on Site

Athletic Fields


Field of Dreams Renovation
Add Turf Lacrosse/Soccer Field Across Hart Road
Move Sophomore Baseball Field Across Hart Road
Renovate Varsity Baseball Field
Convert Practice Field to Turf
Replace + Relocate Tennis Courts
Add Lights to Fields on South Side of Site