District Office at James Street

Master Plan Paths

Depending on how the Board of Education would like to proceed, there are three master plan paths for the District Office at James Street. All paths involve demolishing the existing building.

Path A: Relocate Buildings + Grounds

In this path, District 220 would demolish the existing District Office and build a 7,800 square foot facility for Buildings + Grounds.

Demolition Cost:                       $113,366
Buildings + Grounds Cost:      $2,526,115
Sitework Cost:                           $123,294

Path B: Build a Transition Program House

In this path, the District would demolish the District Office and build a 2,800 square foot life skills house for the Barrington Transition Program (BTP). Currently these kids are located at the high school without adequate space. This BTP house would include kitchens, washing machines, learning space, etc.

Demolition Cost:                 $113,366
BTP Building Cost:              $897,754
Sitework Cost:                     $56,228

Path C: Sell the Property

The final path for the Board of Education would be to sell the District Office property at James Street. 

Demolition Cost:                 $113,366