Grove Elementary School Master Plan

*Note: This is a master list of needs for Grove over the next 20 years. It is not expected that all of these needs will be met in the near future. The Board is currently seeking community feedback to determine which of these needs should be included on a potential referendum question on April 2, 2019.

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Grove Elementary School was originally built in 1954 on a 9-acre site, with 1 addition completed in 1999. The school’s gross square footage is 53,400 square feet with an enrollment of approximately 550 students.

Square Feet of Demolition
Square Feet of Renovation
Square Feet of Additions

Identified Needs

With OME (Order Of Magnitude Cost Estimate)

Building Needs





Library Suite Addition
Sensory Room Addition
Therapy Room Addition
2 Traveling Certified Personnel Offices
2 Staff Toilets Additions
Large Group Instruction Addition
Stage Addition
Admin Additions
4 Classroom Additions



Kitchen + Cafeteria Renovations
Office Space Renovation
Secondary Entry Addition
Professional Development Addition
Classroom Wing Renovations
Relocate Admin Suite

Site Needs

Expand Parking Lot