BMS-Station Campus Master Plan Paths

Depending on how the Board of Education would like to proceed, there are two Master Plan paths for Station Campus.

*Note: These are options for a master list of needs for Station over the next 20 years. It is not expected that all of these needs will be met in the near future. The Board is currently seeking community feedback to determine which of these needs should be included on a potential referendum question on April 2, 2019.

Path A: Renovate + Expand

In this path, Barrington 220 would renovate and expand the two existing middle schools to accommodate all students.

Path B: Relocate Students to Third Middle School

In this path, Barrington 220 would build a third middle school, and students would be divided between the three campuses. Station and Prairie would be fully renovated.

Third Middle School

Whether the need for a third middle school is related to spatial/site constraints at Station or Prairie Campuses or enrollment growth in the district, the third middle school is an option to address needs for students in grades six, seven and eight. 

There are choices to be made regarding the location for a potential third middle school, its size and enrollment.