Barrington Middle School Station Campus

Master Plan: Path B

Build a third middle school for 700 students on another District property, move approximately 350 students to the new school, and fully renovate existing Station Campus for equity in learning experience across the District.

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Barrington Middle School’s Station Campus was originally built in 1966 on a 20-acre site, with one addition completed in 2009. The school’s gross square footage is 126,300 square feet with an enrollment of approximately 1,050 students. There are six mobile classrooms on the site.

Square Feet of Demolition
Square Feet of Renovation
Square Feet of Additions

Identified Needs

With OME (Order Of Magnitude Cost Estimate)

Building Needs





Mobile Classroom Demolition



Fitness Room Addition
Gym Storage Addition
Fine Arts Addition
Front Entry Expansion



Classroom Wing Renovations
Future-Ready Library Renovation
Administration Renovation
Convert Stage to Maker Space
Food Service + Cafeteria Renovations

Site Needs

Replace Softball Field
Add Track + Turf Field