Third Middle School

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Square Feet
Approximate Cost

Whether the need for a third middle school is related to spatial/site constraints at Station or Prairie Campuses or enrollment growth in the district, the third middle school is an option to address needs for students in grades six, seven and eight.

There are choices to be made regarding the location for a potential third middle school, its size and enrollment.


Currently, the District owns land on Kelsey Road that could house such a facility.  If that is not preferable at the time of implementation, another location can be purchased, or land swapped.


The design of a third middle school will be completed if/when the board identifies the project for implementation.  The diagram above is merely representative of size and scale for the parameters conceived of by the Educational Facilities Master Plan process.  Future construction options include: new, ground up construction on a green field site or adaptive reuse of another existing facility elsewhere in the District boundaries.

Adaptive reuse repurposes an office building, warehouse or retail facility.  Examples of similar adaptive reuse design solutions are located all over the United States as ways to speed construction schedules, reduce first time costs and deliver equal opportunity as new, ground up construction can.


Relocation of the District’s Maintenance facility from BHS to Kelsey Road is under consideration in the master plan.